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We realize the importance of community and also the work other organizations are undertaking to improve and assist families’ lives in our state. Therefore, we have elected to set aside a percentage of our profits to support those organizations right here who are working to promote foster care and adoption, one cup of coffee at a time.


A Family for ME is a partnership between the Department of Health and Human Services and Spurwink Services, with the focus of raising awareness of the urgent need and finding Maine families who are willing and able to parent children in foster care.

Foster parents are needed who can provide temporary care to babies and young children who are in the process of reunification with their birth families; who can accommodate larger sibling groups to allow these siblings to remain connected in the same home; and who can provide care for older youth with challenging behaviors resulting from their exposure to traumatic events. Families are also needed for older children for whom reunification with their birth families is no longer an available option and for whom an adoptive family is being sought.

Contact A Family ME for more information:
A Family for ME

Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers

The Maine Children’s Home reaches out to more than 3,000 families and children from throughout the state every year, with the goal: 

To build and strengthen families and their children, instilling hope for the future and a better quality of life.

As a safety net for some of Maine’s most vulnerable people, we provide a safe, healthy and respectful environment where they are encouraged to thrive. With loving guidance and nurturing, we help youth make responsible choices and instill positive values they can immediately pass on to their own children. We work with families to nurture healthy relationships and closeness, giving parents the support and encouragement they need to effectively meet their responsibilities to their children.

Contact the Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers to learn about programs offered, and how to donate or volunteer:
Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers  

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